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Look at Pools in the Making

Once you’ve mapped out the exact design you want, have selected your location and have your financing organized for the project, the next step is construction. What exactly does the construction process consist of? There are a number of steps, which are detailed below.

Your pool will be dug in accordance with the drawings created jointly with Cam-Mac Pools. An outer section will be excavated outside the wall of the pool in order to leave space for support braces, plumbing and a concrete footer.

Wall Assembly
With the agreed upon dimensions and drawings, we will construct the pool wall with all of the essential parts to ensure long-term stability.

After the X-Braces and the bottom outside of the pool is cemented in, we will proceed to backfill the pool with sand.

Concrete Decking
Once the optional backfill has been completed, concrete is poured into forms around the perimeter of your pool, which forms the foundation of your pool deck.

Pool Bottom
Prior to the liner being installed, a hand finished grout floor bottom will be applied.

Installing Liner
Once the bottom has been completely finished, your liner will be spread throughout the pool and set into place. In order to have the liner fit tight and snug throughout your pool, a special vacuum is used to ensure it is uniform throughout. Any excess liner will be cut away.

Enjoy Your New Pool!

Once the pool has been filled with water, we will test all your pool components as well as add any necessary sanitizers. Additionally, we will walk you through the operation of the pool to ensure you’re comfortable operating and caring for your new investment!

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